99,99% Bacteria reduction

99,99% Virus reduction
99,99% Fungus reduction

99,99% Spores reduction



We are selling Aspida in different sizes: 

* Box of 10x 50ml (as Hand sanitizer)

* Spray bottle 500ml (for your daily routine)


* Jerry Can 5ltr or 20ltr as refill option 


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ASPIDA is an all-natural, non-toxic, non-irritant disinfectant and sanitizer solution

It is clinically proven and Eco-Friendly, tested and approved by Dubai Municipality

Safe to humans and animals 

Food contact save
No Alcohol and No Irritation




Preventive Use:

Use ASPIDA as a new part of your own personal protection and cleaning routine
or in your professional deep clean cycle or regular infection control

  • Hotel rooms / Apartments
  • Offices & Call Centres
  • Residential Premises
  • Hospitality / Catering / Restaurants  
  • Hand sanitizer in your handbag or car
  • Surface cleaner in your kitchen, bath or home-office
  • Protection for your pet’s food bowls 
  • Dental / Veterinary / GP Surgeries 
  • Schools / University /Kindergarten / Nurseries

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