disinfection by

ultra-sonic dry mist technology

Aspida Dry Mist Technology:

It is a 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive method.
The product used is ASPIDA, which contains zero harmful substances and is tested and approved disinfectant by Dubai Municipality. As the process requires no damp or steam, there will be no "wetting". 

Fabrics, soft furnishings and electrical equipment don't need to be covered prior treatment. 


The Dry Mist is applied evenly all over the area and covers all surfaces due to its 1-3 micron size and distribution method.


Safe to humans and animals. Clinically proven and Eco-friendly.


The Dry Mist can disinfect a home or a workspace in minutes

(100 sqm in 10-15 min)


Use ASPIDA as a part of a deep-clean-cycle or regular infection control:

  • Hotel rooms /Apartments
  • Offices & Call Centres
  • Hospitality / Catering / Restaurants
  • Dental / Veterinary / GP Surgeries
  • Schools / University /Kindergarten / Nurseries
  • Residential Premises





Results & Advantages:

99,99 % Bacteria reduction
99,99% Virus reduction
99,99% Fungus reduction
99,99% Spores reduction
The sanitized workspace is ready to use immediately after disinfection. Staff reoccupying their workstations means minimal downtime. Employees can even stay inside the room during the disinfection.
No Post Cleaning Required
No Residue on surfaces & Equipment
Non-Hazardous under UK/EU rules for the production and declaration of hazardous materials. 
BS EN ACCREDITED. Skin pH neutral.
Dry Misting contains no alcohol and is non-flammable.

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